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#### Rules

Post  Mr.Mario on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:06 pm

If you are reading this you have taken the first steps to maintaining acces to this channel. Please read the following rules to assure you aren't banned.

1. Do NOT use intense profanity.

This channel is for fake arguments only, there is no reason at all to call someone anything that would be bleeped out on television or radio. Channel ops will be the judge of what would be classified as 'intense'.

2. Do NOT use racial terms.

No matter what the situation is if you are classified for being a racist by channel op you get an INSTANT ban. Racism is not tolerated in this channel.

3. Do NOT sexually insult users.

If you are caught calling anyone a sexual insult you will get a KICK. Again, this is for FAKE arguments. Sexual insults are not tolerated.

Please behave, but have fun. Don't take things seriously and haaving a sense of humor will prevent arguments.

4. Do NOT bring in bots unless a channel operator approves.

This is a rule for security purposes. Please tell the op EVERYTHING the bot does. Also please give the commands of the bot. The channel ops will vote if your bot can be used. In order to have a vote it has to be deemed useful by the channel op that approves of it. Please note bots are not always needed should we ever need one we will ask you for it. tongue

Thank you, #### operators.

Banned Words:

Banned Words (Racial):
white devil

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Post  Mr.Mario on Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:20 pm

Thank you for reading this. Please read the following to maintain access to #NEW_YEARS_PARTEH.

1. Do NOT spam the channel.

Please do not spam the channel. You still need to behave yourself at partys. Spam i when you hold down a single letter and keep ending it, repeating yourself more than 2 times, constant nick name change, and more than 2 emoticons in a row.

2. Do NOT abuse bots.

The channel bots are not to be abused. It took a long time to program the bots and the channel operators do not appreciate you abusing them.

3. Do NOT flood the chat.

Flooding is when you post more than 2 walls of text in a row. This is also classified as spam. A wall of text is 3+ sentances in a single post a.k.a a paragraph.

4. Do NOT ask to be an op.

We don't need any more ops at the momennt. However should we ever need any you will be called to do it. We the channel operators are likely to kick you even you ask once.

5. Do NOT flame other users.

Never deliberetly insult other users. No fighting is to go on here. Even if you are pretending to, take it to ####.

~~BAN Policies~~

If you are caught breaking a rule once you will be kicked. That will be your warning. Second offense is automatic ban. A ban can last from 1 day to 1 week.

If you commit another offense after a week's ban you will be restricted access from the channel permanently.


If you have any questions regarding the rules, or about the channel Via query @MrMario, @bikcmp, @Reborg, and @DarkFawfulBug. To Via query all you have to do is click anyone of the listed names above and click query.


Thank You, #NEW_YEARS_PARTEH channel operators.

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